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2023 Template Letter to your MP

Note: The link to this page was accidentally included in a recent email regarding community concerns about the mountain. The correct press release link is here:


All stakeholders including Tourism Bond Holders, Iwi, local business and communities, staff, and creditors need transparency around potential future operators of Turoa and Whakapapa ski resorts. The Ruapehu Skifields Stakeholders Association (RSSA) was established to ensure that all mountain users have a unified and effective voice in driving for a sustainable future.

Given the special World Heritage Status of Tongariro National Park, and potential costs to Taxpayers, we hope all parties, including MBIE and DOC will be open and transparent as to the details and intentions of any bids that have been presented or are being considered. We believe that before any bid can be preferred or accepted, all bids need to be put forward to the stakeholders for consultation and feedback.

The primary purposes of RSSA are:

  1. Advocate on behalf of the members in matters relating to ownership, governance and management of Whakapapa and Tūroa ski fields.

  2. Co-operate with Governmental agencies (like MBIE), or other organisations, bodies or individuals connected with the provision of facilities for taking part in the above sports or concerned with the promotion thereof.

  3. Supporting the financial sustainability of Whakapapa and Tūroa skifields so that they may continue to provide skiing and snowboarding lift facilities.

  4. Engage in, develop, and encourage amateur skiing and snowboarding at Whakapapa and Tūroa ski fields.

We have serious concerns that various iwi, doc and community groups, and ourselves are being kept in the dark and not being given the opportunity to see the details of bids and provide feedback on them. Whatever bid is successful, we want to ensure that all stakeholders are consulted and given the opportunity to respond.

Template letter to member of parliament regarding Mt Ruapehu skifields:

Template letter to Ministers 15.03.2023
Download DOCX • 17KB

The template letter that can be printed and mailed or emailed to the office of your minister of parliament. Feel free to adapt the letter to suit your own views and to reinforce the importance of the skifields as strategic assets for the region.

You can send the letter to your local MP or any member of parliament you feel is relevant. Their email addresses are listed here:

Download XLSX • 20KB

You can also join the RSSA to stay up to date about any new developments here:

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