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Creditors Committee Nominees

Mike Marsden - I have been involved in snow sports for over 40 years. I originally belonged to a Canterbury club, where I was a voluntary ski patroller from the age of 16 giving me several years experience with mountain operations such as patrol, lift maintenance and avalanche control. Overseas I worked in for 3 seasons at some of the biggest resorts in France running on-mountain accommodation, ski instructing and ski guiding. I have many years experience in hospitality and management. I now run multi million dollar projects ensuring realistic stakeholder expectations are managed and met. I own property in Ohakune, and have young children with life passes as well. I've not only got a financial attachment, but an emotional connection to Ruapehu and the region. I believe the above skills and experience make me an ideal committee member to ensure we keep to task and deliver realistic outcomes for all concerned.

Angus Brown - I am an experienced solicitor whose work includes commercial and company matters, property transactions and disputes, leasing and joint venture agreements. I am a long-term Life Pass Holder and have skied at Ruapehu for most of my life.

Richard Schrama - I have just finished my 50th year of skiing Ruapehu, having purchased a transferrable lifepass holder in more recent times, while having three daughters who continue to enjoying skiing Ruapehu. I have been a practising registered public valuer for some 30 plus years, company director and business owner for some 20 years. I have a business degree from Massey University, fully understand management accounting, including what makes a business viable. While I havent studied the business case for the gondola and other proposed improvements, without variations to the existing license agreement; which limits the growth of skier numbers and lifts to go higher up the mountain, including creditors who support low returns, its viability as a long term going concern remains questionable. In my capacity as an acting General Manager, I managed the voluntary liquidation of a FMCG business which had an annual turnover of $3 million plus. This involved a partial sale of the viable components of the business, whilst ensuring staff,creditors and shareholders positions were maximised.I believe the situation provides an opportunity to streamline the existing business, and focus on what RAL was initially established for; that is, skiing and lift management. Without a full analysis of accounts, it is difficult to determine what is the best course going forward. However, consideration should be given to part or full sale of existing businesses which could extend to include: The Cafe(s), Rental & Retail business. This would streamline the business; making it less complex to manage, and potentially remove a significant component of the management expense. Corporate management and ownership; including that of Turoa, which demanded dividends from their business model, clearly hasnt served Ruapehu well and due to climate challenges is unlikely to in the future. The existing ownership model of an incorporated society; if not for covid and a poorly executed growth plan, would still be a viable going concern today. With my business management and property experience, it would be a privilege to be part of the committee that manages the business out of the hole it is in, and ensure continued local ownership and long term sustainable business survival.

Roz Smith - I am an enthusiastic skier and ski club member with 28 years as a life pass holder. I am keen for the continued operation of the skifield for future generations having 2 young children who love the mountain as much as myself. My experience as Design Manager and roles as Project Architect and (acting) Engineer to the Contract have put me in great stead to objectively pull to together seemingly conflicting stakeholder requirements to give satisfying project outcomes for all parties. I will represent the perspectives of LP holders to the Creditors Committee and PWC, with a balanced approach to creating a viable operation on the Maunga. Thanks for your consideration.

Tony Gavigan - BCom Accounting, Nominated by Life Pass Holders (LPH) Robin Dixon Past President RSS, Grant Dixon CA, Patricia Mills Barrister ret., & our next generation ski kids. I take a research based, consultative approach, and will: Advocate for the $1,000 of ski days still owed to each LPH, Raise $15m resources to save your pass (& RAL’s licence) and Deliver an App to manage $2.5m pa LPH spend with RAL

Bob Currie - 2 years '81 82 lift operator Turoa. Property owner National Park to 2020. 30 years Business operator Import / manufacturing Road marking supplies. International skiing experience Italy, Japan, USA , Canada, Australia and all South Island commercial fields. Strong desire to see Mt Ruapehu continue as a Winter and Summer tourist destination, run by Iwi who have the leverage to negotiate with DOC, to free up restrictions of terrain grooming and allow mountain use in Summer (Bicycles ). Remove all Club accommodation off mountain. Future company must be tasked with making a profit in order to operate under normal business discipline. Mountain needs to become a destination for multiple activities rather than just a skifield, that utilises the Gondolla, a World Class investment.

Forbes Barrie - My professional involvement with Ruapehu Alpine Lifts spans over 50 years. This has given me an insight into how the business has and could be operated profitably to the benefit of all stakeholders. Starting in 1968 I worked in various capacities until 2019 including as operations manager, host programme coordinator and as a staff trainer. During this time I experienced good snow years, bad snow years, eruptions, and a host of other events on this beautiful but challenging mountain. I am a life pass holder and continue to be a passionate skier. Over the years I have built a large network of relationships including with the industry, skiers, club members, local businesses and iwi. For over 20 years I have led tours to ski areas all over the world. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. Given the opportunity, I believe I have the skills, experience and time to make a positive contribution to the future of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts.

Jonathan Norman - I am a 41 year old lawyer based in Napier, and a partner in a law firm with significant experience in commercial, banking and finance and restructuring law. I have skied at Ruapehu since I was very young and have been a member of Serac ski club since birth. I also have governance experience as well as involvement with amateur sport. My view is that the existing structure of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts, including its not for profit status and ownership and governance model, has directly resulted in the company’s failure. For the business to succeed and be recapitalised, it needs to move forward rather than retain that model, and life pass holders and shareholders should encourage that transition to occur. I am confident engaging with the administrators and other creditors to get the best outcome for snow sports lovers who want to ski on the Maunga for many years to come.

Stephen Scott - Having spent a large part of my life involved in snow sports and living at Ruapehu, Southern Lakes and overseas ski resorts. It has given my wife and I so much enjoyment and we hope to see our children get involved. I have lifelong friendship links within snow sports from my years of involvement with ski racing, instructing, competing in a range of disciplines, coaching while based overseas, and in the Southern Lakes region. This makes it easy to want to stay involved and give back to Ruapehu at this time. Currently we live in Auckland. I would offer and contribute the following skills and attributes with my commercial experience and snow sports background: 1. A passion for and understanding of snow sports across a range of disciplines, including Alpine ski racing, park and pipe, snowboard X, and freeride. I have knowledge, discipline, and experience of competing at a high level. Invaluable life experience gained attracting and working with sponsors and key people within New Zealand, Australia and French businesses and brands from a personal and team management perspective. Relationships include: Pulsate/Telecom, Lions Charitable Trust, Cardrona, Quiksilver, Rossignol, Reef, Electric, Flight Centre. 2. In addition to spending many winters in Wanaka competing in snow sports, I spent 6 years involved in tourism as a commercial pilot with helicopter aviation operations and a heli-ski operation as a junior guide based in Queenstown. Safety choices, planning, presentation, aircraft manoeuvres and commercial viability was a huge focus. Achieving a childhood dream of flying helicopters to the top of mountains and snowboarding down. 3. Fair to say I have broad connections in, and a real love for snow sports in New Zealand. 4. Working and partnering as a team to achieve great outcomes for private clients and corporates in my current role as a commercial real estate agent. In this role, I’m constantly challenged and required to juggle a variety of stakeholders including vendors, interested purchasing parties and colleagues within a time frame that achieves commercial and financial outcomes. I’m skilled in financial analysis, understanding parties’ motivations, negotiating, and closing deals. Other sporting passions include surfing, mountain biking, learning to foil. Always excited to get on the snow. I want to join the RAL Creditors Committee to help ensure we are skiing on this Maunga for generation to come, and drive grassroots participation in a financially sustainable way.

Michael Gedye - Mike has skied at Ruapehu for more than 40 years and been a member of Ruapehu Ski Club for around 35 years. He and his family bought life passes in 2000 when RAL acquired Turoa. Mike is an Emeritus Professor of Commercial Law from the University of Auckland Business School and has specialised in insolvency and secured transactions law. Prior to joining the University he was company secretary and general counsel of a NZ public company and before that he was in private legal practice in the insolvency and finance areas. He has written or co-written several books and many articles on insolvency procedures (including voluntary administration) and secured transactions law that are widely referred to by judges, lawyers and insolvency practitioners. He has carried out a detailed analysis of the outcomes of NZ’s voluntary administration regime and presented his conclusions to RITANZ, the insolvency practitioners’ professional body. If Mike is appointed to the RAL creditors committee he will use his experience and expertise on voluntary administration to seek the best outcome for life pass holders.

Miles Davison - I know the mountain very well, having skied it since 1977. In 1987 I worked as an RAL liftee. I have a deep passion for the entire TNP area, spending much time there in both summer and winter. I have served on the board of a leadership organization for twelve years, five of them as the chairperson. I have just recently joined another leadership board. I have strong budgeting skills, and a good understanding of what it takes to work through financial issues. Most importantly, I love skiing, love the mountain, and believe the future of snowsports on Ruapehu is worth fighting for!

Philip Coles - I have had 15 years experience in local government and have just recently been re elected in recent local elections in Cambridge. Been a life pass holder for past 35 years and a very passionate RAL supporter and current Co-President of Puketoi Mountain Club. Here is my linked in profile

John Cahill - I am a holder of a Life Pass as are two of my children .My long experience of skiing at Ruapehu has been as a member of Ruapehu Ski Club which has had close relations with RAL .I have a good knowledge of the history of the National Park , the enduring legacy of Ngati Tuwharetoa and the impact RAL has on the local economy .I am fully aware of the unique climatic conditions that Ruapehu presents .I have been a lawyer in general practice in the Wellington CBD for a good many years but my interest in joining the committee is as a keen skier . Clearly the survival of RAL is essential for the survival of the ski clubs .Three generations of my family ski on the mountain and my wish is for this to continue .

Sam Clarkson - Skotel & Edge to Edge. I would like the chance to represent you on the creditors committee because I have the independence to ask the hard questions that we all need answered to tip this ship up the right way. I also have the deep local connections that we need to get the ship sailing better than ever before. I’ve been immersed in the ski industry my entire adult life, including working as a ski instructor, liftie in Happy Valley and in Knoll Ridge cafe (although technically I’ve never been an RAL employee). I operated the Chateau Service Station back in the day and have owned & operated Edge to Edge for 30 years. I am also a director of Skotel Alpine Resort and have been skiing all my life (my parents were members of Havelock Ski Club). As a life-pass-holder and mountain lover, my main interest is to keep our ski-fields running. We all want Mt Ruapehu to come out of this process better than ever. I’ve been a dissenting shareholder for 20 years and a vocal advocate for common sense and accountability. Along with Robert Krebs, I was instrumental in the creation of the Alternative Shareholder reports that predated the administration. I’m an organiser of the RAL Life Pass Holders and Shareholders Facebook group and plan to use that forum to share informal updates and to poll the mood of the people. We have also created a website for life-pass-holders at:

Ben Brown - I learnt to snowboard on Ruapehu as a teenager in 2002, have been a season pass holder since 2010 and have held a Life Pass since 2019. I'm passionate about the mountain and finding financially and environmentally sustainable ways to keep the ski fields open. My professional experience as a Senior Environmental Enforcement Officer at Wellington City Council has given me the skills to work with a wide range of people with different and often opposing views and motivations to come to a consensus and way forward. I'm really excited to use my experience and passion to represent Life Pass Holders on the Creditors Committee.

David Stevenson - I am a 72 year old active skier, a Skyline Ski Club member, a former volunteer Ski Patroller and a committed supporter of RAL. When the volunteer patrol was disbanded in 2001 we were offered a discounted life pass for services rendered ( in my case 20 years). I took the offer up and also for my wife Christine (who is a shareholder) and our four children Ben, Belinda, Adam and Matthew. We all wish to seek a solution of viability for the ongoing operation of RAL. I hope to help in a positive and active way.

Robert Krebs - CPA Australia. My background and experience as a qualified accountant and business analyst are well suited to represent all life-pass holders and achieve the best outcome to preserve the ski-fields for generations to come. I am a Life Pass Holder, 3rd generation RAL Shareholder and 3rd generation member of Ruapehu Ski Club. I’m the Manager of the Benchmarking and Analyst Team for Stewart Brown which is the leading Australian accounting firm specialising in Not for Profit, Community and Aged Care. My skill set includes financial modelling, capital planning, and due diligence. I’m part of the Alternative Shareholder and Life Pass Holder group who have been calling for more transparency and accountability from RAL. We have written alternative shareholder reports/discussion papers and have organised a Facebook page for Life Pass Holders to communicate with each other. We have also set up a website to share ongoing (informal & unofficial) updates and to collect surveys and polls for life-pass holder input throughout the Voluntary Administration process:

Stephen Farrell - My personal links to Ruapehu are recent, but deep. I bought my Life Pass just 6 years ago, but I visit Ruapehu at least half a dozen times a year, in winter and summer. My wife and two kids are Life Pass holders too. In terms of hard credentials, I have 10 years experience in banking and financial services in New Zealand, and more recently have worked in analysis and product strategy for small and large companies in a variety of industries. Prior to that, I was a software developer, and have degrees in mathematics and economics. More importantly, my approach to the administration process is based on the principle that skiing at Ruapehu was established by past generations with a view to building something for the future. I want the upcoming restructure to result in as many people as possible, from current and future generations, enjoying snowsports and the outdoor environment on the mountain. For this to happen, and especially if the Life Pass holders are asked to shoulder any financial burden, there must be improvements to the governance of RAL, and the Life Pass Holders should be part of that new model.

Kerry Ross - 45 year old Male born and raised in Tauranga currently living in Tauranga as a self employed Electrician. I have been a passionate skier of Whakapapa from when first started skiing at Whakapaps at the age of 10 at that time become a member of Ski150 Ski Club in National in the last 10 years have been a member of Tongariro Ski Club based at Whakapapa and in Ohaukune. In 1999 I become a Rookie Ski Instructor at Whakapapa from 1999 until 2020 (injury) I have worked in part time and full time positions as a Ski Instructor for the Snow School at Whakapapa off and on over those years. Not only do I have extensive knowledge of Mt Ruapehu Mountain Skiing areas of Whakapapa and Turoa, National Park and Ohaukune. I have extensive knowledge of RAL’s structure how it’s been run and managed over the last 23 years years with different management, supervisors, staff seen the good and bad decisions what has and hasn’t worked over these years, knowing what the Skiers/Snow Boarders want what will work. As a passionate Skier of Whakapapa and Turoa I’m right behind doing what ever we can as a Committee to keeping both Whakapapa and Turoa not only for the many thousands of passionate Skiers/Snow Boarders of Whakapapa and Turoa, the staff of RAL, whole centre North Island’s economy specially for National Park and Ohakune, New Zealand’s Skiing Industry as a collective. With my extensive knowledge of Mount Ruapehu, an employee of RAL, National Park and Ohakune my Skiing ability my passion for Skiing my great inter people skills, 12 years of operating my Electrical Business in Tauranga knowing business I feel I would be a valued member of the Creditors Committee moving forward to secure both Whakapapa and Turoa to be run for many great skiing years to come.

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