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Creditors Committee: Voting

The Administrators of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts have issued an email to all Life Pass Holders inviting them to vote on the Nominees for the Creditors Committee. However, apparently not all Life Pass Holders have received the email.

We've received the following advice:

  1. If you haven't received the email please notify the Administrator via the official PwC RAL Administration website.

  2. If you represent more than one pass holder, you can just go through the process again for each one.

  3. You are supposed to enter your life pass number to vote. BUT, apparently if you don't have your pass number to hand you can still vote: - Just put your birthdate into the form to help the Administrator find you. You can also find your pass number by logging into the RAL website.

  4. Pass numbers from different vintages have different formats. You can just put in the most recent pass number that you have on hand. For some that's a 4 digit number, for some that's a long mix of letters and numbers.

  5. The form doesn't work on some mobile devices. If the link doesn't work. Please try again on a laptop/desktop computer.

  6. If you are logged into a Google Account (eg gmail or YouTube) on your device, the form will pick up that email address. Which is fine, because the form asks for your full name and pass details. If you really don't want your response associated with your Google email (eg a work email). You can log out from the first page of the survey.

It's better if you click the unique link in your own email, but if you can't find it. Then here's the link to vote:

A few notes about the process:

  • Each pass holder has 2 votes and there will be 2 representatives on the committee.

  • You can only see the nominees once you start the voting form. If you want to read up about the nominees beforehand, we've put their bios on the website here Creditor's Committee Nominee Bios.

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