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The RSSA was started by a mix of volunteers from the local community, life pass holders, season pass holders, former mountain staff and local businesses. Several of the founding members were members of the RAL Shareholders and Life Pass Holders Group. The RAL Shareholders and Life Pass Holders Facebook Group was originally created in 2016 as a place for the shareholders of RAL to connect together and discuss areas of common interest regarding the company. Over time, the group had advocated for more transparency from the Company, Board of Directors and the Shareholding Trust (who acts as the legal majority shareholder). 

The group was then opened up to life pass holders as they had been a key source of capital for the business and have a vested interest in the good management and ongoing operations of RAL. The Life Pass Holders group now has in excess of 4,000 members.  Since the voluntary administration of RAL, the group has also been acting as an informal representative of life pass holders in their role as a creditors. For example, we have been supporting management and PWC by providing a communications channel to life pass holders (who may not be on the RAL email database), acting as a place for informal conversations about the company, and a place to co-ordinate direct action to support the company. 

In addition the group also setup a public Facebook page and this website to encourage mountain lovers from all sorts of stakeholder groups and backgrounds to have a voice. This group now has over 5,000 people.

There is a committee of approximately 10 key group members that act as advocates, administrators, moderators of conversations, who are now organising more formally to represent the interests of life pass holders. These core team members are a mix of local business owners, shareholders, life pass holders, and mountain club leadership. We have worked closely together on past projects to support the mountain such as capital raising surveys and a series of Alternative Shareholder Reports. This group will support our representatives, Robert Krebs and Sam Clarkson in their role on the creditors committee and other stakeholder groups as part of the voluntary administration.


See our Vision for the Skifields on Mt Ruapehu

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