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Terms & Conditions

Personal Information: This website may collect personally identifiable information (such as name and email). We will not collect any more information than is needed for you to keep in touch with us.

Processing: Any information you provide to us will not be shared with third-parties except when necessary to provide you with the updates that you have subscribed for.

Purpose: Your information will only be used to contact you directly about the campaign to save the skifields on Mt Ruapehu. We will not sell your information or use it to contact you about commercial products and services.


Affiliations: This website and associated social media pages are not affiliated in any way with Ruapehu Alpine Lifts or Price Waterhouse Coopers. Any references to RAL or PWC are subject to the trademarks of the respective organisations.

GDPR: This website is specifically for residents of New Zealand. Any European resident may contact us at any time to request that their information be deleted and/or unsubscribed from any emails.

Financial Products: Some parts of this website may refer to investments into shares or other financial instruments. This page cannot make a direct offer of securities in a company without prior permission. No shares are currently available in Ruapehu Alpine Lifts and if they were then normal securities compliance (such as anti-money laundering requirements) would be required. Any expressions of interest or request to be notified about future capital raises are non-binding.

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