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Season Pass Holders


Buying a season pass for Mt Ruapehu is a statement of belief. Belief in the weather, the snow, the volcano and the time you will be able to spend skiing. But for those who love the mountain, it's a perfect chance to make a commitment to the mountain and to yourself. 

Some season pass holders have decades long relationships with Mt Ruapehu. Others call the region home for only a short time. Season pass sales form the a key part of funding the skifield before the season starts and are the heart of the mountain community. Season pass holders span all ages and all rider types from loyal mountain adventurers to expert terrain park riders and those just starting out but who have been bitten by the bug. 

Being a drivable distance from New Zealand's two largest cities means that Mt Ruapehu is many people's first exposure to an alpine environment. A season pass to the Mt Ruapehu skifields is often the first step in a life-long commitment to the mountains.

Day Pass Skiers and Snowboarders

Every love affair with the mountain starts with a single day. It could be a family who have never skied. Or an experienced expert rider from overseas visiting New Zealand for the first time. The mountain welcomes everyone equally. And we all have a role to play in supporting the future of the skifields on Mt Ruapehu. Day pass revenue provides significant cashflow to the skifield operations. Day pass purchasers are important stakeholders in the continuity and success of the skifields.

Tourists, hikers, climbers and other non-skiing mountain visitors also have a massive role to play in enjoying Mt Ruapehu all year round. The skifields are able to provide a base of operations for many alpine activities. All of which contribute the vibrancy and diversity of the mountain community.

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