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2023 Winter Season Update

The RAL management and Voluntary Administrator have prepared an update on the 2023 Winter Season for creditors of the company. The full presentation is available for download and we've pulled out some highlights below.

The presentation covers key points about the seasonality of the skifield operation and the importance of the season pass sales to stabilising cash-flow in the business. The company is currently undergoing Voluntary Administration and the administrators have secured funding to maintain the business until May 2023. Plans are being explored to see if a better outcome than liquidation can be achieved. The Crown is now leading the preparation of a plan, and the administrators aim to get the best result for the creditors and community.

The slides present historical data to inform the temporary plan for Tūroa and Whakapapa for the 2023 winter season, with a focus on opening more often and improving the number of open days to reach economies of scale. The data shows trends in snow depth, visitor numbers, length of the winter season and closed days.

The visitor trends and historic data are useful context in understanding the skifield operations. Season passes play a crucial role in the ski industry as they provide a significant source of revenue for skifields. A season pass gives visitors the ability to plan and budget their ski season in advance and offers discounts compared to buying single-day lift tickets. Additionally, they can drive loyalty and repeat business as guests are more likely to visit the same resort repeatedly if they have already invested in a season pass. Selling season passes early in the year helps ski resorts to forecast and plan their staffing, operations, and capital expenditures for the upcoming ski season.

At this point the plan for the 2023 ski season is:

  • Turoa: 15 July to 15 October

  • Whakapapa: 1 July to 15 October

In summary, season passes are important for ski resorts because they generate significant revenue, drive loyalty and repeat business, and help with planning and forecasting for the ski season. The full presentation is available for download here:

RAL Winter 2023 update
Download PDF • 884KB

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