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Alternative Shareholder Reports

Robert Krebs, Sam Clarkson and others have prepared a series of alternative shareholder reports and capital raising proposals to prompt conversation and encourage transparency and accountability within Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited.

Key documents prepared to date include:

RAL Alternative Annual Report 2020: Contains analysis of the capital expenditure by RAL and a review of the proposal by the board of directors to convert the company into a for-profit entity.

The First RAL Shareholder and Life Pass Holder Alternative Report FY20 (9th November 2021)
Download • 820KB

RAL Alternative Annual Report 2021: This is a key foundational document that analyses the skifield operations and presents solutions and areas for improvement.

Download PDF • 1.50MB

RAL Alternative Capital Raise Proposal 2022: This is a short document focusing on the potential mechanisms to raise capital for the company.

Download PDF • 423KB

RAL Survey Regarding Shareholding Trust 2022: Summarises a survey of shareholders as part of ongoing discussions about the role of the majority shareholding trust in representing the minority shareholders.

RAL ALTERNATIVE SHAREHOLDER REPORTING - RAL Trustees_Beneficiaries Meeting format_17th Aug
Download • 306KB

RAL Alternative Capital Raise Survey Results 2022: Reviews the results of the 2022 capital raising survey sent to shareholders and life pass holders.

RAL ALTERNATIVE SHAREHOLDER REPORTING - Capital Raise Survey Results (9th November 2022 Fi
Download • 792KB

RAL Alternative Equity Crowdfunding Proposal 2022: Presents an equity crowdfunding roadmap as a possible alternative to liquidation.

Crowdfunding Mt Ruapehu - Alternative to Liquidation (Draft for Public Consultation) 25
Download 11 • 3.11MB

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