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Capital Raising Survey

We are conducting a broad survey of life pass holders and existing shareholders to canvas the appetite for investment into the company. Currently the company is a widely-held, customer-owned not-for-profit. As such, shares in the company have no economic value and any 'investment' should be considered a donation and/or a purchase of an ability receive information as a shareholder and to vote as a shareholder.

There are multiple mechanisms for the public to contribute to the company including donations, product pre-purchases and equity investment. Future surveys will evaluate other mechanisms. This current survey focuses on equity investment into the current non-profit status.

Please keep in mind that this capital raising survey is not a "survey" in the academic sense of the term (where confidentiality would be enforced). Instead, It's better thought of as an opportunity to give direct feedback in a standardised form and to subscribe for notifications if a capital raise was to occur.

The survey collects personally identifiable information (which will be treated privately and not used for any other purposes than to communicate with the participants about the subject matter of the survey).

Collecting non-binding expressions of interest is a regulated practice under the Financial Markets Conduct Act. No shares in RAL are currently available and if shares were made available they would be subject to normal FMCA compliance and disclosures. The survey is not officially endorsed by RAL or PWC or connected with those organisations in any way.

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