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RAL Liquidation Committee Nominees

The creditors of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts have been invited to vote on the appointment of nominees to a creditors committee as part of the liquidation process. A liquidation committee represents creditors and assists the liquidator in the conduct of the liquidation. The committee can call for reports from the liquidator on the liquidation's progress and can call a meeting of creditors.

SAMUEL MCGOVERN Passionate skier of Mt Ruapehu and life passholder. I have been involved with the race development team and have completed ski patrol training on Ruapehu. I have also worked as a ski instructor and ski patroller on other ski fields.

ALEX FULLERTON 3rd Generation Turoa skier and lifepass holder

KARLI JOLL I am a 49 year old physiotherapist of Ngāti Raukawa descent who has held a life pass since 2004. I am passionate about skiing and respecting the mana of our amazing maunga. A new model is needed going forward (such as Option 2 in the recent vote).


JASON PLATT Jason is the chairperson of the Ruapehu Skifields Stakeholders Association. He was involved in submitting the Deed of Company Arrangement and has been instrumental in the negotiations across a broad range of stakeholder classes. His knowledge around RAL and its creditors is extensive and vital for an informed Liquidators Committee. He has a strong background in strategic business & management, and has held executive positions including CEO in the technology industry for over 20 years working across the USA, Canada & Australia. He has skied at Ruapehu for 30+ years and has been involved in running one of the largest clubs, Rangatira Alpine Sports Club on Mt Ruapehu for the last 10 years.

RUSSELL NAGEL Life Pass Holder

JUDE NAGEL Life Pass Holder


ROMAY RUNDGREN Elected Trade Creditor Representative Creditors Committee (RAL in Voluntary Administration)

JAMES FISHER Kia ora, As the existing elected staff creditor representative for the RAL administration process I would be honoured to continue to represent you and will advocate strongly for you to receive all the amounts owed and be treated fairly and with respect. Thank you.

ANDREW PACEY Enthusiastic skier and snowboarder of both sides of our beautiful mountain for over 40 years, and supporter of the Central Plateaux.

STU SMITH As a longstanding ex-staff member, I will ensure that staff and former staff creditors are fairly acknowledged. We are critical to the success of the ski fields yet have been un- represented and overshadowed by the interests of others.

SAM CLARKSON Sam is a local tourism business operator, life pass holder, and long-time critic of the RAL traditional corporate establishment. Sam is the proprietor of Skotel and Edge to Edge ski rental based at Whakapapa Village. He was elected as a creditors representative for the life pass holders during the voluntary administration.

ROBERT KREBS Robert is life pass holder, accountant CPA, ski club member, Stakeholders Association Committee Member and author of the RAL Alternative Shareholder Reports (along with Sam Clarkson). As an elected Life Pass Holder representative during voluntary administration, Robert actively lobbied for a fair deal for Life Pass Holders and conducted several surveys to understand what Life Pass Holders wanted, which was reflected in the 70%+ support for the DOCA proposal. Robert believes in a fair and transparent process and requested to PwC that a liquidation committee be formed.

ROGER BOYD I am a Life-Pass-Holder, as are my two children. I have graduate qualifications in each of Finance, Economics, and Accounting. I have worked in Corporate Banking for an International Bank, in Sharebroking, and as a Lecturer in Finance at a New Zealand University. My family has a strong background in skiing, mountaineering, and tramping. My father was a President of the New Zealand Ski Association, and both a manager of New Zealand ski teams, and an Olympic selector. We have had a long association with Ruapehu, and have been members of two ski clubs on the mountain. Life-Pass-Holders have not been well-served by the process thusfar. Both private-company proposals, and the recommendation of the Administrators, offered LPHs almost nothing. As a direct result of this failure to engage meaningfully with LPH's, RAL has moved from administration to liquidation. A fair deal for LPH's is both the right thing to do, and the commercially rational thing to do. My focus on the liquidation committee therefore will be getting a fair deal for LPH's.'

PETER BAYNE I am Peter Bayne, and the Head of Snowmaking at Whakapapa as well as a Duty Manager, and can jump into a number of different roles around the mountain. I have worked for RAL for the past 19 years, so I have a pretty good feel of the place. Like many other staff members, I am owed a considerable amount in days in lieu due to the failure of the company last year and am therefore an adequate representative for the staff on the liquidation committee. I was asked if I would be happy to be nominated as the voice of the staff and keep them in touch and up to date with how things are progressing. Having lived in the area of National Park for the last 24 years, I have had the privilege of working and playing on the mountain, learning what the place means to different people and how it has connected them all together. I just want to see the best result for us all

RACHEL MARIU Kia Ora, my name is Rachel, and I am a current staff member and Life Pass Holder of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts with twenty years of association to Ruapehu and the local area. I am passionate about seeing the ski fields continue into the future as successful and viable businesses and growing the local economy.

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