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Life Pass Holders Nomination for Creditors Committee

All Life pass holders should have recently received an email from Chris N Whiteside at PWC advising that they have received 8-10 individual nominations for the creditors committee to represent all Life pass holders as creditors. They will soon be sending out information on all the nominees with voting forms. It is proposed that the Creditors Committee has two representatives from the Life pass holders.

Election of life pass holders representatives to the committee

Our group recommends that Robert Krebs (CPA) and Sam Clarkson be voted onto the RAL Creditors Committee to represent and advocate for the interests of all Life Pass Holders. The key reasons being as follows:

  • They are both key members of the of this group and have the full support of the wider group.

  • This group was originally created in 2016 and currently has over 2,800 members all of whom are life-pass or shareholders.

  • This group had been advocating for more transparency from RAL, the Board of Directors and the Shareholding Trust.

  • Since the Voluntary Administration of RAL, the group has also been acting as an informal representative of Life Pass Holders in their role as a creditor.

  • The key group members are a mix of local business owners, shareholders, life pass holders, and mountain club leadership.

  • The core group has worked closely together on past projects to support the mountain such as capital raising surveys and a series of Alternative Shareholder Reports.

  • The group has already had success in getting Life pass holders recognised as creditors.

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