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2022 Template Letter to your MP

The recent lack of engagement and support from the government for the skifields on Mt Ruapehu is a critical issue. The skifields provide significant employment and regional economic activity. To build a non-political and bi-partisan consensus on the importance of the skifields to the region the mountain community need to reach out to our local ministers of parliament (wherever they may be).

Template letter to member of parliament regarding Mt Ruapehu skifields:

Member of Parliament RAL Letter 5 Dec 2022
Download DOCX • 17KB

The template letter that can be printed and mailed or emailed to the office of your minister of parliament. Feel free to adapt the letter to suit your own views and to reinforce the importance of the skifields as strategic assets for the region.

You can send the letter to your local MP or any member of parliament you feel is relevant. Their email addresses are listed here:

Download XLSX • 22KB

We've also made a press announcement to help add to the pressure and conversation about supporting the skifields:


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